My Why!

I am a self-taught artist. After twenty-one years in the social work profession and with my idealistic views that love cures all things that ail us still in intact, I started Heartfelt Fine Art Greetings. I believe words have power and should be used to uplift, inspire, and affirm us. I decided to combine my passion for service and love of art to inspire people through art and words. 

My artwork theme reflects the diversity of life, much like the rich colors of our world. That is why I use vibrant colors across different artistic mediums, so people can identify with my artwork and treasure each card as a keepsake.

In addition, I create card sentiments that match the artwork. Each message is intended to speak to the heart of the matter and celebrate life's good moments

We are rebranding; stay tuned!                                                                                  Janneth Mitchum, Artist & Founder